Vermont Women's History Time Line

1777 - Vermont declares itself an independent state.

1785 -
Lucy Terry Prince, former slave, appears before The VT Governor and Council to defend in person her  family’s title to property in Guilford.

1791 - Vermont admitted to Union as 14th state.

1811 -
Mary Palmer Tyler publishes The Maternal Physician, one of the earliest childcare manuals in the US.

1814 -
Emma Willard opens Middlebury Female Seminary.

1819 -
Emma Willard publishes Plan for Improving Female Education.

1835 - 420 women sign antislavery petition in Starksboro and send it to Congress.

1836/37 - Many women petition the VT Legislature to prohibit the sale of alcohol.

1847 - VT Legislature grants married women the right to make wills and some control over their inherited personal .

1852 -
Clarina Howard Nichols becomes first woman to address the VT Legislature. She asks for, and is denied, school suffrage for women.

1867 - Legislature grants married women control over their inherited person property.

1869 - Council of Censors proposes woman suffrage amendment to the VT Constitution.

1870 - First state-wide woman suffrage campaign.
    Constitutional Convention defeats woman suffrage amendment 233 to 1.

1871- UVM admits first female students.

1875 - Vermont
Women's Christian Temperance Union organized in Burlington.
         - UVM student is first woman to receive Phi Beta Kappa award.

1880 - Tax-paying women obtain right to vote in school meetings.

1882 - WCTU lobbies successfully for first state temperance education law enacted in US.

1883 - Middlebury College admits first women students.

1884 - Formation of Vermont
Woman Suffrage Association.
         - Legislature grants married women the right to make contracts, to sue and be sued.

1886 - Legislature grants married women the right to control their own earnings

1896 - VT Federation of Women's Clubs founded.

Mary Annette Anderson of Shoreham, first Vermont African-American woman to earn a college  degree, as a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Middlebury College, also class valedictorian.




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