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Virtual Scavenger Hunt 

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Learn about women in Vermont history by searching our site for the answers to these scavenger hunt questions:

  1. Which Vermont woman could proudly boast the titles of both Holstein cattle breeder andVermont State legislator?

  2. Who, together with her husband, purchased a secret formula to make foot plaster? What was this foot plaster used for?

  3. Weaving baskets and weaving stories, which Abenaki artist also wrote a children's book? What is the name of this book?

  4. This woman set about her quest with wax cylinders and aluminum and acetate discs. Using the car cigarette lighter for electricity if the house had none, she was able to collect over 4000 of these. Who was she and what was she collecting?

  5. Daisy TurnerWho is the woman pictured at right? What was the name of her father's farm in Vermont?

  6. With the middle name of Anna and a friend named Helen Keller, this woman led a public, yet at times solitary life. She took joy in renovating her large house, restoring the antiques and adding a sky parlor for more sunshine. Who was she, and what was the exact date she said "Goodbye" to America?

  7. This poet and musician was also a well-known seashell collector, but her shells didn't come from the coasts of Vermont. Who was she and where did her shells come from?

  8. In 1998, which Vermont writer was part of an international jury that awarded the annual Casa de las Américas Literary Prize, one of Latin America's oldest and most prestigious literary awards?

  9. What Vermonter painted these portraits? 
    "Portrait by Night - Preliminary Study"  "Go Down Moses"
    Who was the exacting teacher that inspired this painter's quote: "He was merciless, but I began to see the light, worked like a dog, and came back to life"?

  10. After a life of turmoil and success (fleeing the Boxer Rebellion in Shanghai, winning both the Pulitzer and Nobel prizes for literature, establishing one of the first multi-racial adoption agencies), this woman settled down in Danby, VT. Who was she and why was she in China during the Boxer Rebellion?

  11. She wasn't a plane pilot nor was she a master technician, but she was one of the first American women to be licensed as a pilot and master navigator of this 19th century mode of transportation. What was she steering and who was she?

  12. Addie Laird (Card) photo by Lewis Hine What is the real name of the young girl pictured in the photo at right? What nickname was written on her gravestone?

  13. This accomplished 18th century musician moved from New York to Vermont, where she had three husbands and three children. What was her name?

  14. It is not clear whether her birth year was 1724 or 1732, but it is clear that she was one of America's first African American poets. Who was she and how long was the earnest and eloquent speech she gave at Williams College?

  15. This woman was born on a farm, went to school in St. Albans, and is able to claim four firsts in the state of Vermont. Who is she? What were her four firsts?
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